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Microsoft uses Segoe as their default system font in Windows 10. And, if you don’t like this font, then you can use this guide to change the font. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 has made life easier by adding lots of new features and enhancing user experience. In the earlier version of Windows, changing font for various desktop elements, including the icons, menus, title bars, file explorer, message box was easy. But, with the latest Windows 10, you’re now stuck with the default font family “Segoe UI”. Well, as I mentioned, you can still change the default system font, but it’s a little bit tricky.

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While making the changes you will get a preview of how the text will look in the preview box. A user at Super User has posted a workaround to change the default font in Windows 10 to a font of your choice. Complete the given below directions to change the default font in Windows 10. You need to download a Registry file and then merge it with Registry. Unlike Windows 7 and earlier versions, changing the default font is not an easy job in Windows 10, thanks to the absence of Window Color and Appearance. There is no option under Control Panel or Settings app to change the default font. Surprisingly, no developer has come up with an application to change the default font so far.

how to change the default system font on Windows 10 without using any third-party system font changer software? By following these steps accurately, you will be able to change the default font within seconds and without any interruptions. Windows 10 has made life relatively easier for people who enjoy customizing their devices but in some aspects, it has made life difficult. One such customization problem is the way you change fonts on your computer. Earlier you could easily change the default system fonts from the Control Panel, but now you need to modify the Windows Registry to change the default font.

  • We can use a 3rd party application called Winaero (Works with Windows7/8/10) to help us only change the text size.
  • While naming the file make sure you append .reg extension in the end.
  • Recently in the creators update Microsoft removed the option to only change the text size and force you to change the size of everything.
  • So, the filename should look like “default-font.reg”.
  • And once you found a suitable font, just note down the exact name of the font.
  • window, look for different font and decide what font you want to be your default font.

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The Fonts panel displays all the fonts that are available on your Operating System i.e. From here you can choose which font you wish to set as a default font. Thanks to Windows 10 which lets its user’s experience change by providing them the ability to change the default font type. We hope this guide has answered all your questions such as, how to change font in Windows 10 file explorer?

In fact, you can set a different default font style for each individual account if you want. Once you have your new font select, make sure to hit the “Save” button. The Default Font screen will open and here is where you can set your own default font. You can choose a different font style, size, and color from the font tools bar.

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How to change the default system font on Windows 10

Use this guide to change the default system font in windows 10 operating system. If you have multiple email accounts, you can set the default font for a specific account or apply it to all accounts.

To get started, download the lightweight System Font Changer utility from WinTools. On first opening it’ll ask if you want to save your default settings, so click Yes and choose where to save it. This will let you easily go back to your standard font sizes after changing them. The default font on Windows 10 is called Segoe UI, and if you don’t like it, we can guide you through the steps to modify the registry to change the default system font on your computer.